Marine, Vessel and Cargo related typical operations are:
 Pre-Shipment Inspection
 Post Landing Inspection
 Visual Inspection
 Draught Survey
 Hatch/Hold Inspection for cleanliness.
 Vessels suitability Inspection.
 Pre-load condition survey
 Pre-purchase Inspection
 P&I Club Survey
 General Average.
 Supervision of loading & discharge operations.
 Loading & stowage supervision.
 Supervision of Fumigation.
 Damage Surveys:
 Segregation and quantifying of alleged damaged Commodities
 Assessing Probable cause of alleged damage
 Witness of destruction of damaged cargoes.
 Lashing surveys.
 Tally control
 Quality Control – Bulk / Bagged Cargoes.
 Inspection of packing and marking.
 Sampling and sealing
 Laboratory analysis.
 Chemical and Bacterial analysis.
 Supervision of temperature conditions.
 Inspection of Custom purposes.
 Reporting / Certification.

Cargoes :
 Grain, Rice, Wheat
 Oils & Fat
 Steel Products
 Coal, Coke and ores
 Tea, Coffee, Cocoa
 Project cargoes, equipments.
 Textiles, Cotton
 Bagged Cargoes
 Fertilizer, Cement
 Copra, Coconut
 Hide & Skin
 Jute, Leather
 Vegetables, fruits, spices
 Machinery, trucks / chassis and cars


Method, Procedure, Standard according to IMO, ICS, GAFTA, FOSFA, CIT, IML, ICHCA, SAL etc. &/or clients
specific guidelines.

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